Keshar Academy of Learning (since 1992)


School for us is a place in which children grow; not just in size, not even in knowledge, but in curiosity, resilience, patience, competence and understanding. A place where they grow into caring, perceptive human beings living and working from an all-encompassing love. We hope to allow them to become fiercely independent and declare to the world at large – “Here I am in all my glory!”

We, at Keshar Academy of Learning believe that learning is interdisciplinary, integrating practical, artistic, and intellectual elements. We have made a commitment to understand the ways, the environment, and the spirit in which children do their best learning. We work towards making school a place where children can use and improve the style of thinking and learning natural to them.

Run by the ‘Friends of The Child Foundation’, we take our inspiration from the Educational Philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy and the Waldorf Schools. The Waldorf approach emphasizes the role of the imagination in learning. The focus is on developing thinking that includes a creative as well an analytic component.

From Kindergarten up until Class 7 we follow the Waldorf Approach. From class 8 to 12 we follow the Cambridge board exam, IGCSE at class 10 and AS/A level at class 11/12. We have been an accredited Cambridge International School since 2005.

The school works out of a large bungalow allowing for a peaceful and loving environment – making the transition from home to school less stressful for the child. The school environment enhances our uniqueness, allows us to be ‘different’, ‘exotic, ‘unconventional’ – all necessary to set the basis for our beliefs, our work ethics, that state – ‘look at us we are different, hear us because we sing a different song’, – we live and learn from our very own unique experiences and not by the common rule book.

“Education sets the individual free; an environment in which knowledge surrounds the child, the freedom to choose to learn, teachers whose presence facilitates learning without fear, tediousness or boredom is what we are about.”

Our Mission
We strive to provide an education that develops in each child a sense of meaning and purpose in life, and confidence in the meeting of individual destiny. We recognize and welcome the unique gifts each child has, and we are committed to support all our students in their physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development, It is our ideal that we provide this education to all who seek it, regardless of economic status.


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