Rhythm of the Day

In Waldorf Kindergarten each day has a rhythm. The rhythm can be understood as a natural flow of body, heart and mind that guides our way through the day. Young children respond strongly to rhythm and they are tremendously helped when there is rhythm and regularity in their lives.

In our Kindergarten the morning begins with the ‘morning song’; followed by a session of ‘show and tell’. There is a period of play, both indoors and outdoor, followed by ‘circle time’ consisting of verses, nursery rhyme, songs and circle games. The morning session ends with a story. The rhythm helps children and teachers to move smoothly from one activity to another without stressing them out.

Each week has a rhythm as well; there is a day for cooking or baking, another for painting, a third for craft, a fourth for the paddling pool and a fifth for singing. Seasonal activities such as gardening, nature walks, walks in the rain serve to deepen the children’s awareness of the world around them. Seasonal festivals that celebrate the bounty of nature foster a connection to the cycle of the year. Through such activities, which are taken up rhythmically, a child’s feeling for the cycles of life and of nature is strengthened. In later years this feeling sustains a sense of well being and a sense of connection to the natural world.

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