So What Does All this Achieve for Your Child?

“To those parents who understand the idea of such an education, the children will look back thankfully…a truly humane upbringing and a humane education.” — Rudolf Steiner

The Waldorf education has proved itself adaptable today even after a century of its establishment. In reality the educational method is more relevant today than in any other time in history because of the highly competitive and stressful environment our children live in.

Studies show that if children are overburdened with academic demands at a premature age it affects them negatively both physically and emotionally. WHO predicts that nearly one in five children and adolescents will have an emotional/behavioural disorder at some time during their youth regardless of their geographical and socio-economic contexts. And as we do care about our children, we should care equally about the context in which these conditions occur.

Know more about Waldorf Education:

Waldorf Kindergarten (download file: Waldorf Kindergarten info.docx)

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