Special Needs

As an intrinsic part of the school we run an Inclusion Program for children with Special Needs. We have a team of 1 counselor and a Montessori teacher working with these children. Each child has an individual program created with her or his special needs in mind. We have worked with children who are Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsied, Autistic, or have Asperger’s Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, Degenerative Blindness, Selective Mutism, or Chromosome 18 Ring Syndrome.


As each child learns to successfully deal with her or his specific disability, she or he will work within the appropriate mainstream class level for some of the day, and sometimes will even be integrated totally with the regular class. The team of Special Ed Teachers work closely with the concerned Class Teacher when one of their children enters the mainstream class. Some of these children do sit for the IGCSE. For those who are unable to handle the exam, we have a vocational training program that involves the participation of appropriate working environments outside the school.


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